Geological Drinks / Bronnen op de Breuk

For centuries, the geological faultsĀ in the Noord-Brabant subsoil determined the landscape, but although they are still there, today they are hardly noticeable. The Gemert municipality wants to bring them back into view for the public. ‘Bronnen op de Breuk’ is a cycling route along a series of natural springs. Dotted across the higher and lower ground, the jumble of different layers of the earth ensures that the water from each of these springs is unique, with a colour and taste of its own. Cyclists can stop for a taste and buy a bottle from the local farmer or allotment holder, giving the faultĀ a new value.

in collaboration with Marloes van Bennekom and Florian de Visser, stichting Peelnetwerk, gemeente Gemert-Bakel, waterboard Aa and Maas, stichting Brabantse Milieufederatie, Natuurpoort Nederheide , Heemkundekring De Kommanderij Gemert, and stichting VVV Heerlijck Vrij Gemert-Bakel

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